To Our Founding Fathers

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All songs by John Terzino, except "Sleeping Through
Chaos" by J. Terzino, A. Hilb, G. Buchanon,
and D. Yeager


Well, it's election time again. And, again, I find my mind filled with thoughts of politics, of world affairs, of the state of the Union. But, also, with thoughts of Love, and Peace, and Friends, and Neighbors. It's a huge world, but my piece of it is very small. Many thanks are in order. To Gordon Buchanon for singing/playing on To Our Founding Fathers, The Middle of the Day, and Sleeping Through Chaos. To Anthony Hilb for providing percussion on To Our Founding Fathers and Sleeping Through Chaos. To Al Neve for singing on Middle East Love. To Dylan Yeager for the tripped out delay guitar on Sleeping Through Chaos. Remember: Re-Elect No One. And, VOTE!

Stand Up

To Our Founding Fathers

Middle East Love

November Blues

The Middle of the Day


Strands of Karma

The End of Childhood (For Joel)

Sleeping Through Chaos

Tom Foley