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all songs by John Terzino

Amongst the Ruins
you move through a day, a day like any other
full of promise and hope, possibilities, and danger
a man walks by holding a sign that reads "please, help"
you ponder his plight but find that you have no answer
then slip through the cracks and disappear all together
losing all sense of time, misplacing what what was on your mind
you find yourself in a room with windows that are merely paintings
of people and places posed as if to convey some meaning
then the walls fall away and you find yourself amongst the ruins
off in the distance the man with the sign is waving
you look around for some rhyme or some reason, but come up empty
wake up! it's just a dream, forget and go back to sleep...
Approaching Synchronicity
when you break life down to it's simplest form
where life is lived and nothing more
when you can leave this world through any open door
you'll find the place you've been searching for
where everything, and all that will ever be
is approaching synchronicity
when you can slow life down to just the here and now
where time stands still, and every motion, and every sound
fills the space you alone have found
it will all be clear, you will have no doubt
that everything, every breath you breathe
is approaching synchronicity
  Let's Throw the Sick in Prison
let's throw the sick in prison for smoking marijuana
that'll show the right their government means business
we'll give'em opiates and barbituates
and enough alcohol to drink themselves to death
let'em pop anything, inject anything
down absolutely anything, but marijuana
let's make criminals outta people like you
you can talk about cancer and aids, but we know what you're up to
just purchase what we say or waste away
any pharmecutical will do, so long as you can pay
cos you can pop anything, inject anything
down absolutely anything, but marijuana
they say it's the rule of law, but we know what it's really all about
forget your freedoms, you've been narced out
it's an evil weed, an insidious, felonious demon seed
no true american would ever need...
No One Has To Feel
in the field fear is real, the blood is hot
death don't steal, it takes who it wants
never masquerades as something that it's not
chaos and murder, bullets and bombs
war is sold to kids as a video game
imaginary foes with imaginary names
no one gets hurt cos none of it is real
and no one has to feel
it's not easy to connect, getting harder just to care
hearts and minds broke beyond repair
it's the way the cookie crumbles, the beating that we take
when right turns wrong, and love succumbs to hate
phone sex, the internet, anyone can play
everybody wins when no one has to pay
no one gets hurt cos none of it is real
and no one has to feel
people look everyday for ways to numb the pain
evangelism, television, liquor, and cocaine
anything, everything, make the demons go away
to somehow, someway, make it through today
we line up in the streets for the newest fantasy
to be anywhere but here, is where we wanna be
where no one gets hurt cos none of it is real
and no one has to feel...
Under The Influence
when a thought occurs to me
I wrap my mind around it, take my time about it
eventually that thought becomes reality
life is flux
it turns and becomes
what it will be for right or for wrong
say nothing at all...and just feel
I spend all my time on nothing at all
thinking whatever thought comes along
here today, tomorrow gone...
Calling Albert Einstein
i'm calling albert Einstein, i'm looking for an answer
I had another one of those crazy ideas
where everything is relative
just not to anything else...
i'm calling albert Einstein, i'm looking for an answer
I had another one of those dreams
where i'm flying at the speed of light
through space and time...
i'm calling albert Einstein, i'm looking for an answer
I had another one of those visions
where I look just like me
but i'm really someone else...
A Dash of Sun
i'm hysterical and cracking and only just beginning
racing through the forest where the leaves are slowly falling
if suicide is madness then I am no exception
you are who I dream about when no one else will call...
I can't be crawling softly scaling walls of sadness
when all the people laughing are pointing rigid fingers
when all the doors are slamming but you continue sleeping
when all I have is chaos and all it does is linger...
I haven't thought of summer but was thinking of a garden
beyond the realm of reason where there's nothing left to know
I was dancing in the shadows but don't remember moving
have you noticed how the grass around here never seems to grow???
i'll play my game of marbles with the planets if I want to
and if the universe implodes, don't say I didn't warn you
my image is distorted but reflects an urgent message
send for me tomorrow if you've nothing else to do...
a dash of sun for mother and all her children melting
like flowers in a vase no one notices are wilting
i'm floating in a prism, one of my own making
with windows in the floors and pictures hanging from the ceiling...
someone left a circle where they knew that I would find it
I picked it up, looked around, and stuck it in my pocket
if I find a secret passage rest assured that I will use it
leaving you and my delusions to ponder what is sacred...
All That Is Dear
all the miles have been run, all the years have gone by
all the songs are sung, and all the tears are cried
all the stories have been told, what was is long gone
the new has grown old, and right has gone wrong
is it too soon to be too late? too late to change?
it's been so long, why'd I ever come this way...
I think I come, I think I go
all I ever do is wonder...
and somewhere along the line I lost track of the time
and somewhere along the way I lost track of the days
and then the years
then I lost track of my dreams
and of all that is dear to me...