Approaching Synchronicity

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all songs by John Terzino


I found the beat to the title song while listening to a train go by. That led to a conversation about how everything has a beat, which led to a conversation about how in and/or out of sync things can be. In the end, however, the conversation devolved into yet again, how much i hate the government. So, it all makes sense in a nonsensical kind of way.
Thanks to Kim Whitis for singing on Under the Influence and All That Is Dear. To Gary Pieczora for lead guitar on Calling Albert Einstein. And Steve Miller for electric guitars and drum machine on Nobody Knows.

Calling Albert Einstein

No One Has To Feel

Under the Influence


Amongst the Ruins

Let's Throw the Sick in Prison

Approaching Synchronicity

A Dash of Sun

All That is Dear

Nobody Knows