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they prayed to their gods, words lost to time

contemplated the soul, and wondered "why?"

they dabbled in the mystic in search of explanation

for the ultimate answer to the ultimate question...

it's not hard for me to believe

no one's ever known what's going on...

they interpreted dreams and followed their visions

stumbling over their own expectations

they studied the stars, sailed the seven seas

gave birth to the notion of another reality...

it's easy to see the futility

in thinking we know what's going on...



the countdown is on, how far will we fall?

despite all the signs we do nothing at all

temperatures rise, rivers run dry

man keeps poking nature right in the eye...

civilization, man's greatest invention, is right on the edge...

it's a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky...

the crazies have won, what's to be done?

we're all of us fools letting it go on

humans confuse the truth with belief

and chase after shadows of yesterday's dreams...

civilization, man's greatest invention, is breaking like glass...

it's a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky...

the holy can see what others can not

the words of the prophets are all but forgot

religion sold out to try to get in

demons are dancing on the head of a pin...

civilization, man's greatest invention, is falling apart...

it's a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky...



do we pick up simply where we left off?

what about what happened in between?

are any of us who we were then?

perhaps, we should take a moment and just breathe...

we never saw eye to eye but we got along

now that seems all but gone

common sense has been thrown to the side of the road

maybe today it finds it"s way home...make some space and i'll make some time

go out of your way, i'll go out of mine

you and i are not as different as we seem

ain't it enough to agree to disagree?



ain't it lonely in the moonlight

listening to the pack dogs howl

living in the shadows

fleeing at the coming of the dawn...

ain't it lonely in the moonlight

answering when your instincts call

being haunted by the ghosts

that live in the pictures on your walls...

ain't it lonely in the moonlight

where the damned and the shadows crawl

mourning your existence

for the peace you will never know...



everyone shares every thought they're thinking

it all adds up to one big nothing

truth and lies, fact and fiction

mingle into one big contradiction...

fantasy is just one more opinion

while reality has gone missing

suddenly beset by revelation

folks are flocking to sift through the ashes...

if you believe it, it can move you

where will it take you?

everyone's in the business of persuasion

using freedom as a distraction

cuz the whole idea is to keep you guessing

to write history that has no lessons...

we multiplied, now we're dividing

we grew and grew, now we're imploding

the ties that bind have unraveled

in every which way we can imagine...



a pain in my chest, i began to pace

beads of sweat falling from my face

something was wrong, so very wrong...

i slumped in my chair, my thoughts racing

between denial and desperation

i was fading away, so far away...

they threw me on a table, my mind reeled

time slowed down, nothing seemed real

no, nothing at all...

i woke in a room, or was it from a dream?

needles in my arms, wired to machines

it was all i could do to just breathe...

strangers in masks came and went

i stared at the wall utterly spent

and in disbelief...man it was crazy...

if i said, i've had enough, would you wonder why?

tell me what you see when you look in my eyes

do they look the way that i feel?

cuz to tell you the truth, i don't feel a thing...



if i told you i was different, would it matter?

if i told you my thoughts, would you flee?

if i agreed, would you feel safe?

if i were silent, would you wonder what i'm up to?

nothing is black and white, though you wish it so

nothing is as it seems, it's not that simple

your insistence doesn't make you right

my beliefs don't make me king of anything...

freedom defined ain't freedom

religion is a cage around your mind

truth is a question, not an answer

knowing means there's nothing left to find...

can i live my life as i choose, or do i need permission?

can i express myself in my own words without crossing a line?

your burning books only fill the air

with the very ideas you seem to fear

they're everywhere...all thanks to you...



ray's absolutely sure nothing's as it seems

he's been busy as a bee concocting conspiracies

with his bible in his pocket and his flag sewn on his cap

ray's been angry all his life just like dear old dad...

working getting nowhere and wondering why that is

ray's never really thought much of the world in which he lives

and he don't think much of liberals, and they don't think much of him

prospects all around are looking pretty dim...

voices fill the void, ray is listening in

the voices tell him he ain't alone, there are others just like him

freedom loving patriots armed with god's saving grace

ray's thinking to himself, today might be the day...

with his bible in his pocket and his flag sewn on his cap

ray's heading across an america he no longer understands

his delusion of revolution guiding him on his way

ray's thinking to himself, today might be the day...



the axe and sword, spear and shield

blood, like rain, fell upon the fields

in wars of men who would be kings

who fought and died for angel's wings...

a castle of stone high on a hill

looked down on a world gone perfectly still

ghosts in the fog are whispering

the infinite sorrow is listening...

christians built their mighty walls

northmen sailed from odin's halls

shamans and priests and sacred land

religion killed the last holy man...

centuries crumble into dust

and disappear in the dying sun

saints and warriors forgotten now

their kingdoms raised all fallen down...



here we go again, caught in the rain

dissolving into yesterdays

here we are again, with nowhere to go

moving any which way the wind might blow

perhaps this is when we walk away

nothing's ever solved out in the rain...

here i am again, soaked to the bone

once again finding myself alone

here i am again trying to disappear

asking myself, how'd i end up here?

i can't think of one thing i could say

nothing's ever solved out in the rain...

here it is again, the moment of truth

life and the rain and me and you...



the lights in the house flickered then dimmed

the thoughts in my head, gone like the wind

alone in the dark i sat very still

playing games in my mind, as i often will...

patterns were dancing on the walls to the music in my head

as for the world outside? it was beyond me...

time was elapsing but i couldn't say why

where'd it need to be? but then, where did i?

it occured to me i only needed to wake

that i'd fallen asleep in a dream i had made...