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Debating Reality

no one wants to hear your side, minds stuck in overdrive

don't take the time to listen, they much prefer debating

what is real and what is not...

what is real, what is not

it can't help if all you've got

is voices echoing the same, who or what can we blame

it's the game they want to play...

if we lose what little we have

how will we ever get it back?

no one wants to know your reasons, they've already bought the lie

they're not their brothers keeper, it's not about one another

it's all about being right...

it's all about being right, minds stuck in overdrive

don't take the time to listen, they spend their lives debating

what is real and what is not...



in my mind, time is not passing away

it's accumulating day by day

and forever is forever expanding into space...

the wind has nothing to say as it goes

any which way it cares to blow

lifting our trouble and our worry into the great unknown...

i can't help but wonder

why i wonder at all...

within the storm calmness yet astounds

inside the silence that surrounds

everything - nothing can be found...

the wind has nothing to say

and in my mind time is not passing away...



if you feel quite lost amidst the noise

and such matteers both great and small

you're not alone

the slings, and arrows, and stones

are cast upon us all...

can you fall aslepp?

do you worry?

do you keep wondering when the night will end?

you're not alone

tired eyes everywhere you go

and lives that need to mend...

you're not alone in thinking the world's done gone crazy

you're not alone in feeling a little kindness would be healing

you're not alone in hoping tomorrow will be better...

hours become days, time is as vague

as the answer to "what went wrong?"

you're not alone

uncertainty is all we know for sure...



i always meant well even when it seemed

i had no idea what i should do

i always meant well when it came to you

i always meant well...

life has a way of going where it will

sometimes all i can do is just hold on

moments only last until they're gone

i always meant well...

time dissolves the memories we would keep

into strangers and ghosts simply passing through

all i remember when it comes to you

i always meant well...



reality is light years away hiding from the lunacy

from the pondering minds and twiddling thumbs of complacency

who watch the world burn...

logic is nonsense, common sense absurd

humanity pauses but can never seem to find the right words

as the world burns...

the sun is getting hotter, the stars are getting further away

the threads of existence are frayed, and coming undone...

hands can't hold time, it's bound to escape

to who knows where, will we be there

to see the world burn?



hope for the best, pray for blue skies

find a friend and hold on tight

someone you can trust and hold on tight

hope for the best, and pray for blue skies...

some folk run, and some folks hide

some folk simply go by the wayside

some folk run, they run and run...



the ways of the mad, desperate to rule

they'd silence me, put strings on you

the tools of the trade of our would be kings

the one's who keep saying "listen to me"



the lens of time distorts things, changes things

and memories are such vague things, they all blend in

i wish i could remember but it seems i can only forget...

the promise of youth is so far away, lost in a haze

the endless suddenly stops one day, with nothing to say

i wish i could remember but it seems i can only forget...

the space between perception, deception

and reality is such a thin thing, they simply blend in

i wish i could understand but all i do is wonder why...

stories keep evolving, and becoming

myth made out of nothing worth telling

i wish i could understand but all i do is wonder why...



he sits and stares, and wonders how he

lived to be older than he ever dreamed

no one knocks, no telephone rings

he cooks sometimes but barely eats a thing

reliving all his rights and wrongs

his time as short as his days are long...

she sows patterns in yarn that go on and on

like the hours that pass until they're gone

her house is dark in the still of the night

she quiets her mind, and closes tight her eyes

reliving all her rights and wrongs

her time as short as her days are long...

children leave, old friends die

only lonliness can fill the empty time...



the broken hands of a broken clock

on the broken wall of a broken house

tell the broken tale of a broken heart

of a broken mind born of a broken thought

it's the broken end to a broken start

when time just flew, until it stopped...

no one dreams anymore...



sweeping up your dust is never ending

all i'm doing's wearin out my broom

you're in, you're out, i'm up, i'm down

why's it so hard to be with you?

nothing i've tried is working

nothing i say's getting through

i know, yes i know, i've got no business

convincing myself you'd be true

and i know, yes i know, i've been the fool

why's it so hard loving you?