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people cheat all the time

just for the rich it ain't no crime

the laws are on their side

they own whoever they bribe...

people steal all the time

it's as american as apple pie

because once you've made it inside

the rules no longer apply

BR: we insist all the time, pound our fists all the time

shake things, and break things, and rant all the time...

people promise all the time

they'll look you right in the eye

then tell you lie after lie

there's no truth they won't deny...

people pray all the time

hoping god will choose their side

as if we're not all along for the ride

i guess some folks just got to be right...

people follow all the time

easily ceding their lives

transfixed and out of their minds

never stopping to wonder why...



on a nameless highway, just another car

miles from nowhere as the night time falls

all the exit ramps are closed

there's no reception on the radio...

everyone's a stranger, every car it's own world

moving, moving for the sake of motion

down a road that never ends

only my thoughts compete with the silence...

BR: the hours last forever, the isolation only grows...

only passing, never knowing

never connecting, a caravan of ghosts

driving towards the sun

night fades and is soon forgotten...



life is full of ins and outs, ups and downs

it's enough to spin your head around

life is full of thoughts untold, being put on hold

of wondering what the hell is going on

life is full of the dull and gray, of having nothing to say

questioning every step we take along the way

life is full of fear and doubt, losing ground

of wondering what it takes to live out loud...



we're all of us two, we're all of us torn

we're none of us whole, but rather fragile and worn

adrift on the wind from the day we were born...

we're all of us rain, we're all of us sun

we're none of us all, we're all of us none

we're not who we were, nor who we will become...



pessimism, optimism, everybody's got an ism

hinduism, atheism, judaism, voodooism, everybody's got an ism...

sexism, cynicism, everybody's got an ism

despotism, nepotism, fatalism, nihilism, everybody's got an ism...

the darwinist and creationist, the cubist and the realist

believe they make all the pieces fit...

racism, classism, everybody's got an ism

capitalism, communism, fascism, socialism, everybody's got an ism...

stoicism, egoism, everybody's got an ism

this ism, that ism, my ism, your ism, everybody's got an ism...

the liberal and conservative, immigrant and nativist

believe they see the world for what it is...



i've been wondering of late, you see i've been thinking

thinking maybe i need more sleep

it's not that i feel deprived, it's more that i

i just like to dream...

i've been bewildered, words and deeds don't seem to matter anymore

as far as i can tell

should i care? should i invest myself?

and if i do nothing, is it just as well?

BR: think i'll smoke me some grass, and take me some nap...

i've bben watching way too much, too much tv

it's made a zombie out of me

merry melodies and loony tunes have become

at least to me - reality...

i've just arrived, and yet i feel like i want to leave

and that's no way, no way to be

i'm forgetful, all the little things just seem to scatter

then disappear all together...



it's okay by me, yeah it's okay by me

but is it okay by you?



mirrors tell no lies, but i don't recognize you

something in your eyes seems familiar

perhaps we've met...i forget...

when reailty is in doubt, tell me how it all comes together

and if it never makes much sense, tell me when does it get better

i've become a stranger to myself...

am i not who i used to be?

does my face define who i must be?

and am i not more than meets the eye?

are not my thoughts of my own mind?

the world seems the same, the game does not change

people move through their lives, but i

i'm left behind to try and find...myself...



man it's been such a long long time

it's good to see you alive and well

man this takes me back

remember walking around the five and dime

thinking about all the stuff we'd buy if we could

if only we could...

whatever became of that old bike of yours?

the one your brother rode into the lake?

i can still see the look on your face

our bikes were like freedom back in the day

we knew every street and alley way of that whole town

our home town...

BR: we played baseball on every field

snuck into movies rated M

held epic games of war

we were still fighting the nazi's then...

can you believe how long ago that was?

don't it feel like another life?

man a lot has changed

just in case another 50 years goes by

i just want you to know that i've

always remembered you...



the space age kids never followed through

their hopes and dreams were left on the moon

nothing changed, no wish came true...

the space age kids no longer look to the stars

the unforeseen tore their future apart

tomorrow ends the moment it starts...

BR: an ache in the bones is settling in

whatever light once shined continues to dim

the space age kids and what might have been...

the promise of youth often slips away

the best laid plan often goes astray

a generation lost in space...



i came out of, then into the blue

i'm a ghost easily seen right through

and i'm a traveller just soaking in the view

i come out of, then into the blue...

i was, now i am, then i will be

ah the end! the end is yet to be seen

nor when it comes exactly what it will mean

i was, now i am, then i will be...

the wind brings the world to my door

the sunshine, the gray, and the storm

voices fading, voices raging within the roar

the wind brings the world to my door...



she dodges her own shadow and trembles at the passing of time

she runs from the wind like she's running for her life

she shakes at a whisper, a prisoner of her own mind

and she don't wanna know what she already knows

pantophobia won't let her go...

she dreads the rain and hides from the clouds in the sky

she shrinks from the light and flees from the coming of night

broken by the thought that something just ain't right

and she don't wanna know what she already knows

pantophobia won't let het go...



let's open up the borders, legalize all the drugs

declare god unknowable but welcome should he come

pry all the guns from all those cold, dead hands

empty all the prisons all across the land...

yippee yi yo, yippee yi ya, i'm a crazy liberal in the good old usa

let's retire all the white folks who've ran things all along

give'em pipes for puffin and porches for sittin on

tax all the zillionaires until they start to bleed

give land back to the indians to do with as they please

yippee yi yo, yippee yi ya, i'm a crazy liberal in the good old usa