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i am the forgotten chimpanzee
evolution didn't do shit for me
and i am the rhino with the lopped off horn
they took all my smoke, they took all my porn
i was a duck, but now i'm a loon
as crazy as a long necked goose
and i am the croc with the broken teeth
reduced to strained gerber peas
i'm a cartoon merely making up words
i'm foghorn leghorn deprived of his spurs
naked a jaybird, howling at the moon
i am the cricket with a happy tune
i am a lemur high in the trees
buzz buzz busy as a bee
a lonesome, draggin, misfit mule
hauling ass to timbuktu...
another long flight of stairs
another sun beatin down kinda day
man i could sleep...if only i could sleep
i'm sailing in the doldrums
i'm wandering on the plain
i'm just grasping at the wind
it's those damn melancholy blues
chaos and noise, the sound of life marching on
i feel lost sometimes just walking down the street
crowds of faces, one by one they just disappear
busy going to wherever they need to be
it's exactly as it seems, as it's always been
whenever push comes to shove
someone's going down
the secret's out, the mystery is solved
no wonder heaven weeps
it's those damn melancholy blues...
my country, my nation, my home
have devolved and become unrecognizable
my fellow americans, my neighbors, my friends
have changed and moved on
to where i can not go...where i dare not go
they're wishin hopin prayin
for a life in a world of dreams
when everything was better, everything was just right
all fantasy and lies...a dream washed clean
white folks and bobby socks
women who stay at home
making babies one two three
and mixing martinis
flat tops and astronauts
lynch mobs and vietnam
political assassinations, burning cities...
a row of tombstones in a graveyard town
fading and broken and falling down
nothing but mists and ghosts walk these empty streets
strewn with brick and stone and memories
we're all just ghosts in a graveyard town
we're all just strangers in a nowhere town
we're all just lost and we can't be found
we're all just ghosts in a graveyard town
and all the old haunts now are merely haunted
along with me and you, all but forgotten
everyone's a stranger in this nowhere town
hounded by shadows and trying to get out...
i can't convince you, lord knows i'd never try
we believe what we believe
let's agree to disagree
and just move on
we can talk, talk til we drop
we can talk til we're both blue in the face
til night becomes the day
what will change?
could we have, please, another conversation...
you want answers, i have only questions
what say we save'em for another day
another time, another place...
it's the end of what began to be a most promising day
the beginning of a dream from which i wish i'd never wake
just the wind in the trees and me going our merry way
but then reality caught up to me
took me by the arm, whispered in my ear
get it while you can...nothing lasts
it's to be expected i guess, somewhere in the course of a day
i mean there's always something, or someone that stands in the way
so what? i ask myself and continue on my merry way...
so nothing lasts...just kick back, let it pass...
you know me, who i used to be
when i started out so very long ago
i've changed in ways neither you nor me
would have ever believed
i remember you, laughing and getting high
living life as if there were no tomorrow
you've changed in cways neither you nor me
could have ever foreseen
you go your way and i'll go mine
you have your say and i'll have mine
the man i was, i could do anything
it seemed so easy so very long ago
i've changed in ways neither you nor me
would have ever dreamed
and what of you? where will you go from here?
it really does seem like just yesterday
you've changed in ways neither you nor me...
possibilities...are funny things...
i'm gonna take to the road, i'm gonna take my time
i'm gonna look for somewhere not so easy to find
i'm gonna look for some out of the way place i can hide
it's getting where i don't know if i ever will go home
i'm gonna find me a hole punched in the sky
i'm gonna make my escape on a cloud passing by
i'll ask the moon and the stars if i can hitch a ride...
i recede into my dreams, it's so easy
it's so easy to slip away
i just float downstream, it's so easy...
i'm gonna sit here and think, i'll let you know when i'm done
i'm gonna clear my head and soak up some sun
there's only one thing i'm focusing one...
i'd go mad if i thought the world outside could get in here
disturb the water ever calm, ever clear
i found my home, sweet home
in the quiet sometimes i imagine i'm simply nowhere
i don't count the time passing by as thin as air
i sleep as long as i want to
the world moves on, i stay behind and wave goodbye
people move on, i stay myself somewhere else
what would happen if we all just stopped for just one day
and bit our lips, and stilled our tongues
and threw our cares away?
i think we'd find we'd be just fine...
i'm looking for this but find more of that
more questions to ask, more urges to scratch
all i can do is hang my head and laugh at it all
i'm looking for me but find someone else
a stranger to any one but myself
all i can do is hang my head and laugh at it all
there's something i missed
or i made a wrong turn
i'm bewildered by how it just seems to get worse
the farther we go...
i'm looking for peace but find chaos instead
people bouncing off walls inside their own heads
all i can do is hang my head and laugh at it all
i'm looking for you in the hope that i'll find
the conclusion you've reached is the same as mine
that all we can do is hang our heads and laugh at it all...