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Who ever said "it can't get much worse" is probably long dead. If they were
alive today i have to believe they'd rescind that statement. social media
has made us a society of narcissists who have rewarded the presidency to
the King of Narcissism! thank jebus i have music to hide in...many thanks
to my lead guitar players:Rodney Mullins (tracks 1,4,7,9)...Eric Hartzell
(tracks 3,10)...Time Kobat (track 2)...Zig Zarco (track 5)...
and to Anthony Hilb, drums on track 4... 

Animal Quackers

The Doldrums

White Folks and Bobby Socks

Graveyard Town

I Can't Convince You

Nothing Lasts

I Remember You

The Moon and the Stars

I'd Go Mad

Laughing To Keep From Crying