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hattie scrubbed others floors all day down on her hands and knees

and prayed in church on sunday, lord deliver me

then she died without warning, dead right where she fell

she left behind three children, and her place at the wishing well...

victor turned time to money, and more always led to more

so he bought himself a skyscraper and lived on the 100th floor

then he died without warning, dead right where he fell

he left behind his billions, and his place at the wishing well...

lonnie gave his heart away and asked nothing in return

he believed the love would carry him, that the tide would always turn

then he died without warning, dead right where he fell

he left behind his innocence, and his place at the wishing well...

chantelle knew all about elegance and believed it's who you know

she made all the right connections and watched her popularity grow

then she died without warning, dead right where she fell

she left behind her ambition, and her place at the wishing well...


no one wants to be a man with no country to call their own

and nowhere to go

when all the doors are closed

when you can't go back, but you can't move on

when your dream is gone...

broken hearts in broken boats, sail into the great unknown, all alone...

...then you have nothing to lose...

who stays? who dies? who flees for their very lives? running out of time...


seekers of the beautiful scattered to the wind

all but forgotten until they appear again

flashes of intelligence swallowed by the dark

gone but for the lingering moment that was...

venus and the moon shining in the sky

reason to pause, to forget about the time

and all those thoughts swirling in my head

staring into space til i don't know when...

tell me your theory and we'll watch it fall apart

truth exists, but with a barely beating heart

moments of clarity lost in the noise

the endless clattering nonsense seeping through the void...


skin to skin, transferring warmth

memories flowing back and forth

exchanging dreams, exchanging senses

always together...

skin to skin, fingers locked

swaying in time to our favorite song

holding on as best we can

always together...

skin to skin, wanting to feel

all of this even if none of it is real

touching the now, embracing the time

always together...



it's the same old scene

it's the same old tired news just repeating

over and over again

another trigger just got pulled

another light just went out

another heart broken...

the helicopters fly

the cameras roll as people run

they're running for their lives

somewhere money changes hands

confusion fills the air

and sense is lost...

the world moves on

onto the next insanity just repeating

over and over again

another city just got bombed

thank god we're over here

killing ourselves...



too many fathers and sons died for nothing at all

they died for their traditions, for the right to take the fall

they died for their plantations in a senseless war

so tell me flag waver,who do you wave it for

take it down...

the kkk rained terror in the night

with that god damn flag of theirs waving on high

for god and country, for the evil men do

so tell me flag waver, why does it fly for you...

some folk love to hate and take it to their graves

and they can't be moved and they won't be swayed

they cling to the past, to the dead and the gone

so tell me flag waver, will you ever move on...



i woke up last night in the middle of nowhere

it felt familiar, someone was calling my name...

a single voice i could not recognize

i tried and i tried but i could not find

a name or a face i could identify

put my feet on the floor and rubbed my eyes

and got out of bed and opened the door

same as before, someone was calling my name...

who is it? is someone there?

i never felt so all alone

am i imagining things? am i still asleep?

i stepped outside and i was gone

for as far as i could see, not a soul to be found

i turned around, someone was calling my name...

i ducked back inside

my house, my world, my life

what could anyone want of me?

i pondered all the possibilities

i had to find out

but found i had my doubt...



with the last breath i take

with my last ounce of strength

will i feel myself go?

will i make sense of this crazy life?

in the last moment lingering

in that second just before

will i feel like moving on?

will i make sense of this crazy life?

we've cried our tears, now let's move on

like everyone we've ever known and loved

like everyone we've lost...

when the hour always meant for me

opens wide the door

will i feel love?

will i make sense of this crazy life?



bored with the change

i find it odd and all so very strange

disconnected, plugged back in

starting over and over again...

i can't think straight

arriving only to find out that i'm late

the constant more, the eternal twist

everything right at my finger tips...

we aim for the stars

and talk about living in jars we'll build on mars

no blue sky, no field, no wind

no warmth of the sun upon our skin...

i hear beeping noise

the electronic hum of life within the void

i hear it even when it is not there

where does it all go from here...



i lie awake in the night it seems

everyday of my life it seems

i fall further and deeper inside myself

and i wonder if anything will ever help

i count the stars til i can count no more

curse the dark that takes me for

such a fool who can't find his way home

and i wonder when i won't feel so alone

is it for me to know? or to figure out as i go...

kind in words, a gentle soul

a vision of a world unfolds

i can reach for but never quite attain

and i wonder why it has to be this way

tomorrow's nothing but a passing breeze

who remains is yet to be seen

what i lost, what i miss don't matter anymore

and i wonder what it is i'm searching for...



it's hard to be sure but easy to fail

we win some we lose some

a lot can happen if we're perfectly still

and just let life go on...

the change will come, it always does

when we least expect it

a chance encounter, a strangers glance

a moments connection...

going two steps forward, and one step back

may be all we can do

this constant motion won't get us anywhere

we're trying to get to...



welcome, you're entering indiana

we ask that you turn back your clock 200 years or so

we're the land that time forgot

the america you used to know...

we tried our best to keep the gays from getting wed

lost the battle but still can win the war

we don't trust liberals, the feds, or the press...

we don't like unions and got'em on the run

god fearing folk who don't cotton to change

we're open for business to almost everyone...

we're as red a state as one could hope to find

a bit lost as to the time of day

tea party trailer trash just trying to get by...