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The Beholder

i'm an observer. i've always enjoyed sitting on a park bench and
simply watching the world pass me by. life is for us to behold -
or ignore. i choose the former. i tried something a little different
on this project. half the music was mixed/mastered by my friend
ed lotter. ed also plays trombone on several songs and sings.
thank you ed for both your time and your ears. other's who gave
of their musical talent: anthony hilb, zig zarco, eric hartzell,
rodney mullins, and shannon cook (who's eyeball is the cover
art for this project.) and thanks to grayce hosier for the most
excellent eyeball make-up job ever!


Call It Anything You Want

(ed lotter: trombone/vocal, zig zarco: vocal, rodney mullins: lead guitar)

What Am I Gonna Do Blues

(eric hartzell: drums/electric guitar, zig zarco: vocals, ed lotter: vocals)

Falling Awake

(anthony hilb: drums, eric hartzell: electric guitar, shannon cook: chimes,
ed lotter: vocals, zig zarco: vocals)

Stoner's Blues

America's Own

(anthony hilb: drums, eric hartzell: electric guitar, rodney mullins:

lead guitar,zig zarco: bass/vocals, ed lotter: trombone)

The Two Of Us

Lost In The Fog

(anthony hilb: drums, zig zarco: bass/electric guitar)

Life Goes On Anyway

(zig zarco: bass/vocals)

Ain't It Hard Sometimes

(ed lotter: vocals, zig zarco: vocals)

If It's Alright

(ed lotter: trombone/vocals, zig zarco: trumpet/vocals, eric hartzell: electric guitar)

The Price To Understand

(rodney mullins: electric guitars)