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All songs by John Terzino except "But a Picture of Myself"

by Eric Hartzell/John Terzino

Shades of BLues

It all began when a friend I hadn't seen in almost 30 years contacted me
and we renewed our friendship. It was as if time hadn't moved at all.
When we were 17 we wrote a song called Lone City Blues one day while
watching colored patterns run around the room. What a blast it would be
to record it now, said he. And so we did. That gave me the idea to write
more blues flavored songs. And so I did. Much thanks to said friend,
Greg "Ziggy" Zarco. Peace, brother. And to the others who appear on this
project: Anthony Hilb, Eric Hartzell, Al Neve, Phil Neumann, Rodney Mullins,
Gordon Buchanon, Ed Lotter, Dylan Spartz, and Miss Sunshine herself
Shannon Cook... 

Walking On the Edge

(with Anthony Hilb: Drums...Gordon Buchanon: Bass)

Have a Dream on Me

(with Anthony Hilb: Drums...Dylan Spartz: Congas)

Crisis Management Blues

(with Anthony Hilb on Drums)


(with Eric Hartzell on Drums)

Broken Dream Blues

Lone City Blues

(with Zig Zarco: Electric Guitars, Phil Neumann: Drums)

Overload Blues

(with Zig Zarco: Bass, Vocal...Anthony Hilb: Drums, Vocals...Shannon Cook: Vocals)

I Know A Place

(with Zig Zarco: Bass, Anthony Hilb: Drums, and Al Neve: Electric Guitars and Vocal)

But a Picture of Myself

(with Eric Hartzell: Guitars...Zig Zarco: Vocals, Bass, Guitar...Rodney Mullins: Lead Guitar...Phil Nuemann: Drums)

Same Old Blues (Revisited)

Grieving Blues

(with Ed Lotter: Trombone, Vocals...Zig Zarco: Trumpet, Guitar, Vocals)


(with Zig Zarco: Electric Guitar)